Sunday, December 1, 2013

Continued from yesterday ...

So the following evening I received word the evening of Dec 1st that she had been rushed to the hospital and after we arrived, we were told that she had a brain aneurysm and was one of the most devastating news of my life....I was given the opportunity to say goodbye (so thankful) and even now, one year later...I think honestly I'm still in shock....I have cried today yet and it feels like a horrible dream that I just want to wake up be honest, a lot of times I have asked why?...I don't understand??

My amazing hubby told me that she fulfilled her purpose and it will be carried on through the ones who knew her and her family and children....

So Monica, I know that you are not here with us but cheering us on now every step of the way and that gives me the way, I know you had something to do our sweet, adorable boy making his unexpected entrance into this world (we got pregnant with our little man in mid-Jan.) thankful, love u and miss u always my sweet friend.

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